Jan 8, 2019

Participation in the AHK Workshop


Participation in the workshop “Self-production scheme for industrialists” organized by the Tunisian-German Chamber of Industry and Commerce (AHK)

Tuesday, May 08th 2018,, S.IN.E.S participated in a workshop about the regime of self-production organized by the Tunisian-German Chamber of Industry and Commerce (AHK Tunisia).
The purpose of this event is to develop new perspectives and suggestions ,then bring them together in a summary document, to use them as reference for the implementation of action plans for the self-production system.
The workshop was spread over into panels which were based essentially on exchanges and discussions between agencies and public institutions (MEMER, ANMA and STEG) and private sector actors.

  • Panel 1 : Conditions and Procedures for self-production in MT / HT plan
  • Panel 2 : Financing of self-production MT/HT projects in Tunisia
  • Panel 3 : Improving the PV solar installations

Solar Pumping System


S.IN.E.S has commissioned a 38 kWp solar pumping system

S.IN.E.S has commissioned,in collaboration with the German company SOLAR23 GmbH, a 38 kWp solar pumping system in the governorate of Kasserine.

Participation in ENERSOL Fair


Participation in ENERSOL 2017 excibition at the UTICA’headquarters

SINES participated in the ENERSOL 2017 excibition, organized by ATLAS CONSULT which was held at the UTICA’s headquarters from the 17th to 19 th of October 2017.

We were present through our stand where we exhibited our Thermal and Photovoltaic products.

During this event, a series of agreements and conventions were signed between the different African and Maghreb countries to give rise of the ANME Agency, which includes 7 countries (Tunisia, Algeria, Mauritania, Benin , and Burkina Faso).
Conferences was interesting to the extent to meet the following goals:

• Promotion of the new Tunisian regulatory framework on electricity production from renewable energies
• Promoting investment opportunities in the renewable energy and energy efficiency sectors
• Promotion of Bilateral, Triangular and Multilateral Technical Cooperation
• Promoting partnership in technology and innovation
• Experiences Exchange in the energy transition
• Follow-up the Agreement of Paris and COP22


Technical Training Session


Technical Training Session animated by Mr. Jochen Ruehle, Technical Director of SOLAR23.

In order to strengthen the capacities of her technical teams, S.IN.E.S organized in partnership with SOLAR23 a training session wich was held from 20 to 23 February 2018.
This training was led by Mr. Jochen Ruehle, The technical Director of the German company SOLAR23 GmbH, during this training session he had presented different modules related to the following topics :

  • Photovoltaic module technologies
  • Topologies of photovoltaic systems
  • Photovoltaic system sizing
  • Solar Battery technologies
  • Solar pumping systems
  • Lightning protection systems

Inauguration of SINES’s new headquarters


Inauguration of S.IN.E.S’s new headquarters in El Mghira

Saturday, April 28th 2018, S.IN.E.S inaugurated its new head office located at El Mghira industrial area.
Built ine the core of the industrial area , the company’s premises S.IN.E.S offer comfortable and spacious working environment for her colleagues and associates.
new headquarters Key FIGURES :

  • Year of construction : 2018
  • surface area of 3000 m²
  • workspace area of 1000 m²
  • 2 meeting rooms
  • 1 warehouse of 1000 m²

GIZ Roundtable Participation


Participation in the round table for the project “Tunisia-Bavaria Career Centers” in Sousse Palace Hotel.

Tuesday,26thJune 2018, SINES participated in the roundtable “Tunisia-Bavaria Career Centers” which was held in Sousse Palace Hotel.

This event was organized by the Bavarian Office of (GIZ1) GmbH, with the financial support of the Chancellery of the State of Bavaria, with the aim of improving employability in Tunisia..

Different institutional stakeholders,GIZ (Bavaria and Tunisia) Representative;member from high educational establishments(ISET Jendouba, ISET Beja, ISET Nabeul and ISSAT Sousse),in order to identify opportunities for collaboration between High educational institutions and the german companies (training, job offers, and professional internships).

This project is based on three major areas:
• Support high educational institutions in the establishment and development of 4C2.
• Providing training for the 4C Teams.
• Strengthening cooperation between the Bavarian economy and high educational institutions in Tunisia.

– GIZ :German Corporation for International Cooperation
– 4C : The Career Center and Certification Skills